Mega List Of The Top Drones and Quadcopters

Here is a comprehensive list of the top drones currently on the market, along with our opinions on why they are worth to be considered one of the top drones.

You might have seen many other best drone lists all over the web but we’ll try to explain why ours are truly representative of the top. So without any further delay, let’s get right to it!


The DJI Phantom 3 drone is the first one on the list

Right off the bat, when you think of drones, you think of DJI. Even though they are notorious for bad customer service, you can’t deny that they make an amazing drone with every feature you could think of (and then some) and a high quality build. Most of the issues arise from customers crashing their drone and then having to deal with horrendous customer service when they try to warranty their machine.


So in terms of quality of drone, the Phantom 3 is a big winner. In terms of ‘enjoyment of ownership’, I would have to rate it at average because sooner or later, you’re likely going to have to deal with DJI and it’s likely not to be pretty. You’re better off getting aftermarket parts to fix it or getting a professional to repair it should you ever have a nasty crash. Otherwise, long range, amazing features and decent battery life puts it at the top of our best drone list.


3DR Solo is one of the best drones

The Solo Smart Drone is another up and coming drone in our top list. It features great range, support for some of the best cameras (the GoPro series) and a huge amount of innovative features. 3RD really pushes the envelope with the technology and allows you to do what they call “smart flying”. That means that you can take the most ridiculous selfie, fly at set altitudes and so on.


The only downside is that even though in theory it’s perfect, in practice, it actually has quite a few bugs. Things don’t always work perfectly as planned and this is immediately apparent when you know what it should be doing… but you see it disconnecting or doing the opposite. I think with a bit more refinement, 3DR is really going to have a one of the best solutions out there on the market.

Last, but not least, I think that out of all the drones, it’s the one that looks the best. Compared to the DJI line, 3DR just makes good looking machines!


Hubsan series X4 and H107D

Even though they are probably the best sellers in terms of quantity, these little guys from Hubsan don’t have the features that the bigger guys have. That being said, I believe they are true heroes when it comes to initiating people to the world of drones. Both of these are great ways to get into the hobby, learn how to fly before taking your next leap. They are solid buys (but don’t expect too much when you’re spending sub $200) and you get a lot of value for your money. Overall, great drones even if they aren’t what I would call “the best drone ever”.